Latest News Update - Return to Church.

The Covid Pandemic is not over and although "freedom day" is on July 19th it may be a while before there is a return to normal. Having recently listened to the Government and medical experts statements the leadership team have decided to continue with our Covid measures at Bethel until at least Sunday 1st August. This means you will need to book in, wear a face mask, sanitise and socially distance. We would ask that you please bear with us as we navigate our way through this difficult season.
TO BOOK IN CALL 07784935797
Wishing you God's richest blessing,
Pastor Dan and Leadership Team

*"Just like Jesus".*
As the deer thirsts for streams of water, so I thirst for you, God.
Psalms 42:1
Jesus didn't act unless he saw his father act.
He didn't judge until he heard his father judge.
No act or deed occurred without his father's guidance....
Because Jesus could hear what others could not, He acted differently than they did....
Remember when all were distraught about the illness of Lazarus?
Jesus wasn't!  It was as if Jesus could hear what no one else could. ..
Jesus had unbroken communion with his father?
Do you suppose the Father desires the same for us?