Week 2 Evaluating faith through my senses - this week imagination.

Luke 4:1-13 Read the account of Jesus as he was in the desert place during His time of prayer and fasting.
Points to ponder
-Make sure our minds stay focused on the hope and promises of God (imagine, visualise them)
-Imagine Jesus in the desert place, having to put distractions aside, even the challenges of temptations thrown at Him by Satan
When trying to spiritually discipline ourselves, eg times of prayer and fasting, it can be difficult as our mind and body may wish not to do so; imagine how Jesus may have done this.
1 Corinthians 10:4,5 speaks of dealing with our thoughts and imaginations, of submitting all to Him
Week 1 Evaluating faith through my senses - this week sight.

To help you interact with this week’s theme _evaluate my faith through my sense of seeing_, please read the account of blind Bartimaeus that you will find in the gospel of Mark Chapter 10 v 46 – 52
*Some questions to ponder*
What other people in scripture are in danger of being ‘overlooked’ but seen by Jesus and why does Jesus see them?
Apart from Physical disability and temptations, what other distractions get in the way of paying attention closely to God?
What places in my life offer me a ‘desert’ where I am less distracted from focusing on God and help me clear my mind to think clearly, meditate or pray?